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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sony Vegas PRO 10

Sony Vegas PRO 10.0e Build 737/738 (x86/x64) | 200 & 196 Mb

 SonyVegas Pro - professional program for multitrack recording, editing andassembling video and audio streams. Tools contained in the Vegas Pro,allow editing and processing in real-time formats, DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD /HD-SDI and XDCAM , a precise adjustment of audio, the creation ofsurround sound and dual-layer DVD. You can burn Blu-ray discs directlyfrom timeline to preserve records in high quality. Creating a standardDVD with a complex video, subtitles, multilingual menu, and add commentsthere is no trouble. An interface defines the usability of the product,and in many ways - the ratio of user to it. Vegas offers a remarkablyflexible, easily customizable, thoughtful and, most importantly, easy touse interface.
List the major features present in version Pro:
Includes DVD Architect software, version 5.0, not 4.5
Buildingand record Blu-ray Disc software from DVD Architect (actually, theability to record Blu-ray and DVD Architect features of version 5.0 fromearlier)
Creating a 5.1 surround sound (in previous versions - only stereo)
The ability to save and restore the window layout interface
The ability to include custom color picker interface
Viewthe video on an external monitor via DVI (digital video output), notonly through the DV-camera connected to your DV-interface (IEEE1394)
The number of video tracks: no restrictions (in previous versions - up to 4)
Video Effects and Transitions: a complete set (in previous versions, not all)
Tools for color: a complete set (previous versions only the primary color correction)
Professional Lighting Effects
Measuring instruments for video: WFM / Vector / Parade / Histogram
The effect ProType Titler to create sophisticated titles (in previous versions only a simple module, create the text)
Support for XDCAM format
Tools for working with AVCHD cameras and XDCAM EX Device Explorer
Processing video with an accuracy of 32-bit floating point
Support for Interface SD / HD-SDI
Gradient wipe video transitions
Support gigapikselnyh image
Support for projects with a resolution of 4K (up to 4096x4096 pixels)
Support for Broadcast Wave audio format
Support for database Gracenote CDDB
The maximum sound quality: 24 bit/192 kHz (16 kHz bit/48 in previous versions)
Number of tracks: no restrictions (in previous versions - up to 4)
The number of audio processing effects: a complete set, including 5.1 surround
Support for folders in sets of effects
Support for the effects of DirectX : a complete (including the automation of parameters)
Envelopes of sound: volume / panorama (there in previous versions) and effects parameters (this in previous versions do not)
Substitute the sound recording
Monitoring the recording audio input
The effects of handling the entire project and sound of tires (group of tracks)
Create and burn Red Book Audio CD
Writing the automation envelopes (change of processing parameters)
Keyboard pruning clips
Inheritance of projects (to open the project in other projects)
Import / Export Format AAF
The system of materials management (media manager)
Support for script execution
Support for external control consoles
Support for the AJA Xena LH, LHe, LS, and LSe (only Digital)
Customizable user templates
Capture format Compressed Sony MXF through interfaces SD / HD-SDI
Support for OpenEXR and DPX
Support files RED ONE (. R3d)


Download from:
FileSonic (32 bit)
FileSonic (64 bit)

Download from:
Wupload (32 bit)
Wupload (64 bit)

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