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Monday, September 15, 2008

PinkNotes Plus v4.70.03

PinkNotesTM Plus is a Secure and Private Business IM system for a corporate environment. It is a fast, reliable and safe way to send notes in real time. Plus, the software is fully customizable to fit any company’s needs for getting instant messages from one location to another.

Alpha Media, Inc. invites your company to download and install a FREE 30-Day Trial version of PinkNotesTM Plus on your company’s network. You can easily begin communicating over your local network or Internet today using many of its unique features, including instant messaging, message logs, urgent messages, auto response, auto forward, and many more. We believe once you try PinkNotesTM Plus you will change the way you communicate and work forever.

Whether you want to send Instant Messages down the hall, or across the world, PinkNotes® Plus is the Easiest, Fastest, and most Efficient Business IM software available, to deal with real-world business requirements.

Replace your intra-office emails with PinkNotesTM Plus
10 reasons why many companies are replacing their intra-office emails with PinkNotesTM Plus:
1. Messages are delivered instantly.
2. You will not receive spam from unknown people outside of your office.
3. You can keep your employees from wasting time by chatting and emailing with friends from outside your office.
4. Arrival of new messages can be displayed in different options and sounds can audibly alert recipients of new message arrivals.
5. All messages can be easily encrypted and archived.
6. Your messages never leave your company’s network (when you have the PNP Master setup on your LAN).
7. You can see when people are using PinkNotesTM Plus before you send a message to them.
8. If your Internet connection is down you will still be able to send messages because, you do not need to have Internet access to use PinkNotesTM Plus.
9. You can quickly reply to messages with just one mouse click.
10. Setup messages beforehand to send at future date and time with the Send Later feature.


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