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Monday, August 1, 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2.10.1008.16421 | 18MB
Internet Explorer Platform Preview 10 2 is now available for download. It Microsoft still relies on working with HTML5, improved performance and enhanced security. IE10 PP2 appeared after 11 weeks of the first version and in just 14 weeks after the release of IE9. In the Platform Preview 2 is a significant number of new technologies such as Web Workers to support Channel Messaging and Async script, affecting the duration of battery life in mobile devices.

In Internet Explorer, 10 PP2 added new features to create interactive applications with a high speed and safety:

** Support for new technologies such as CSS3 Positioned Floats (new module CSS3, adding the possibility of wrapping content around the inserted blocks), HTML5 Drag & Drop (API for dragging objects within the document and the file system), File Reader API (API to access files OS ), Media Query Listeners (API to track changes in the parameters of the document in accordance with the rules of CSS3 Media Queries) and HTML5 Forms to support the validation of input values.

** In IE10 PP2 also in accordance with the specification HTML5, updated rules for parsing invalid documents - now web developers can be sure that all browsers are compatible with HTML5 markup code will be handled correctly.

** Support for Web Workers with Channel Messaging, as well as an asynchronous load scripts (async-attribute), which allows more efficient to organize the calculations to reduce application response time, organize the background load and run the javascript code.

** According to the company, IE10 is the first browser that supports several new API, the upcoming working group on the performance of the W3C. Examples on the IE Test Drive for setImmediate, requestAnimationFrame PageVisibility and show how these API helps developers to make applications faster and more efficiently using the battery power of mobile devices.

** IE10 PP2 also supports HTML5 Sandbox introduced to isolate the iframe, which improves the security of web applications when you paste content from external sources.


- It is safer than their predecessors
- Independent of settings - a failure on one of them will crash the whole browser
- Supports the advanced technology Web Slices
- Optimized internal search
- Support for standards
- Integration with OS
- Support for HTML5 and CSS3

System Requirements: Windows 7
Language: English
The medicine: not required
Download: Click Image!

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