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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 Beta Quiet Setting by moRaLIst | 7 MB

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 - to optimize the performance of your multi-core processor. Many of today's computers run on dual-core protsesssorah, some even on the quad. Unfortunately, Windows is not always well-managed, multi-core, which is why you do not get a real power and performance of the purchased CPU. Ashampoo Core Tuner gives users a powerful and easy-to-use tool for optimizing multi-core and multiprocessor systems running under Windows, to reach full power and performance from the processor.

The program can run different levels of users: for quick results provided auto-optimization, and advanced users can configure manually. The program automatically saves the configuration profiles, enabling you to quickly change the parameters of the system. Ashampoo Core Tuner can also shut down programs that inhibit the operation of the system or potentially malicious to her. In addition, with the help of Ashampoo Core Tuner you can upload the program from startup.

Ashampoo Core Tuner 2 will help you to fully use the power of the computer through the exchange for more efficient operation across all available processor cores. All this znanimaet a few simple steps:

1. Process list:
• Choose from a list of processes that you want to optimize.

2. Process Optimization:
• Changing the process priority and / or appointment process one or more processor cores. You can use the "Raise" appointing more computing power for the selected process. You need to change the settings for each program only once, every change is automatically saved in the "Rules" and will be applied automatically when you run on your computer.

3. Rules:
• You can view, edit and delete at any time in the manager of the rules.

• Automatic optimization of performance in one click
• Manual optimizing the performance of your CPU
• Monitoring of your CPU in real time
• Using performance settings profiles
• Built-in Task Manager
• Autoruns Management
• Stylish, multilingual user interface

This program allows you to correct the situation, optimizing the performance of your processor. For instant results you can click on the auto-optimization, then for all your running programs will be made optimization, the use of the CPU. However, you can also independently adjust the CPU usage for each program separately. Additionally, you can fine-tune individual processes, view real-time performance of each core of your CPU, or increase overall system performance by using additional tools built into the program.

You do not need computer knowledge to use this program. The program operates independently of your processor cores, allowing the use of their performance at full capacity. If you want to get on your system the most powerful performance, then you can make fine-tuning the basic parameters for each software program manually. You can set the priority for each program at five levels, you can also specify the number of cores for use in each program separately.
Download: Click Image!

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